Why I sold my Apple Watch

I bought an Apple Watch when it was released and worn it almost every day since but yesterday I listed it on eBay, here’s why. Recently I didn’t wear it on numerous occasions due to forgetting to charge it or put it on and I realised I wasn’t that bothered about not having it. Here […]

Vocabulary and sexual selection

Although an extremely large vocabulary is one of the few characteristics that differentiates humans from other animals, the research literature on language has virtually bypassed it, instead focussing on the structure of language, how it is represented in our brains etc. These are important topics but the purpose and usage of vocabulary is too. And […]

Improving the user experience of TV

The interface(s) TV watching is mostly a ‘lean back’ activity, I want to sit back, relax and be entertained without having to do too much. This used to be the case when there were only a handful of free, terrestrial channels and VHS or DVD but TV is now a lot more complicated and fragmented […]

Why mobile is more interesting than desktop

When I say mobile I’m really talking about post-PC devices in general, but that term sounds too pretentious to put in a title. The category of post-PC is extremely broad, for this blog I’m really focusing on mobile and tablet and the landscape today rather than making wild predictions into the future. Popularity Obviously an […]

The difficulty of asking easy questions

I recently carried out some user testing for FoodNetwork.co.uk, a question I asked was how often people cooked. I wanted to learn about people’s cooking habits and how they approached cookbooks or websites with recipes. Despite seeming like a straightforward question I realised that there were a number of challenges to overcome with regards the […]

How social technology will change what your children know about you

Most people’s knowledge of their parents’ lives before they were born is pretty sketchy. Human memory is inherently poor at remembering many of the things that happened over, say, 20 years. There are also things we don’t want to remember and things that get recalled but not quite in the way they happened, memory is […]

Why making video calls isn’t more popular

I was at the UK UPA World Usability Day event a while ago where the start-up BuddyBounce.com presented. At the time of writing the site isn’t live but it seems to be some kind of social networking, event based webcam service that seeks to connect strangers. The speaker was very positive about how video calling […]

User centered design?

This picture taken this morning of a bus in Brighton pretty much speaks for itself. One wonders what sort of development process led to a system where the learning curve was so flat and likely to lead to significant enough delays that it needed signs like this to be made and stuck onto the side […]

Is twittersphere a pleonasm?

I received an email newsletter from Harpers Bazaar, the upmarket fashion magazine, referring to the ‘twittersphere’, it made me cringe and I started thinking about whether the word twittersphere is necessary and even a bit old-fashioned. I realise that the locus of some topics or dialogue is within Twitter and so of course referring to […]