Why I sold my Apple Watch

I bought an Apple Watch when it was released and worn it almost every day since but yesterday I listed it on eBay, here’s why.

Recently I didn’t wear it on numerous occasions due to forgetting to charge it or put it on and I realised I wasn’t that bothered about not having it.

Here is what I found for each of the functions that I used on it in descending order of usefulness:

Email/text notifications
This I found quite useful but the inability to silence alerts from certain senders and the inability for the watch to display many of the emails didn’t completely win me over.

Telling the time
I used this a lot, I might go back to wearing my Tag Heuer which I’d worn less over the years. When I’m at work my default is still to look at my laptop.

Apple Pay
Really nice, low friction interaction but the frequency with which I buy things that it can be used for is quite low, not even every day.

Although very unreliable, both in terms of getting it activated and in getting it to understand me, I did find it useful for setting a timer when cooking and changing the music when driving. Neither of these things I do even remotely enough to justify wearing the watch all day.

Stand up
This seemed like a good idea but it wasn’t that clever – telling me to stand up when I already was for example. I’m quite attuned to standing anyway so I turned it off.

Fitness tracking
It didn’t seem particularly accurate for my cycling and I found the interface for looking back at activity confusing and clunky and I’m just not that bothered about this as it didn’t really change my behavior

Third party apps
After initial curiosity I haven’t used any of these and I never went to the home screen to fire up an app – way to slow, uncomfortable to hold your arm out for any length of time and just no reason to do that over using my phone.

Anything else I haven’t mentioned, like glances, I didn’t use at all or stopped using quite quickly after initially exploring it.

When the performance of the watch improves and the software gets more sophisticated or new uses/apps emerge I’d definitely be open to getting one again but at the moment the cost benefit isn’t there.